Campus Safety

Your safety comes first… and NJ campuses are clean, safe, fun and friendly. These guidelines will help you remain safe and savvy on your American adventure.

Your Safety Is Top Priority

Student safety on campus is a top priority for every college and university. New Jersey institutions take pride in providing a safe and secure environment for students to live and learn. The Department of Public Safety, also known as campus police, is dedicated to making your campus experience as safe as possible.

Each institution maintains its own police department, providing patrol and response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency telephones are strategically placed across campuses that can be used for emergency and non-emergency purposes. These are usually blue in color. When used, they link directly to The Department of Public Safety on campus.

Each college and university has the Campus Alert system. This is a secure notification method that allows for the fastest means of communicating important information to the entire university community. The Campus Alert system is designed to allow you to receive notification simultaneously through email, telephone, text message, or whatever is your preference.

Each institution will provide campus safety awareness seminars during new student orientation. Here you will learn more about safety on your college campus and the surrounding community.

New Jersey state law requires that each college and university make available a record of all crime statistics on their individual campus. This public information can be found on each of the institution’s website.

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