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2 Year Community College / Associate’s
MCCC Admissions Website

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (609)-570-3224

Application Deadlines

Student applying from abroad:
Fall Semester – June 1
Spring Semester – October 1
Summer Session – March 1

Transfer Students within the U.S. and Change of Status applications: contact the International Student Services Office for the application deadline.


Mercer County Community College
International Student Services
1200 Old Trenton Road
West Windsor, NJ 08550


International students are warmly welcomed at Mercer County Community College and encouraged to apply. Over 150 international students on F-1 visa status study at Mercer every semester in over 70 degree programs, adding rich dimension to our community by contributing both academic talent and cultural diversity.

The presence and contributions of international students at Mercer are an important part of building a multicultural community and developing an academic environment that reflects diverse perspectives.

Mercer is authorized to issue the Form I-20. Students are admitted before the beginning of each semester, year round. Most of our international students transfer to four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States after completing their studies in Mercer Degree programs, Certificate programs, and English Language Training.

All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English to enroll in college-level courses. Until college readiness is demonstrated in English, the I-20 will reflect the Language Training level of education.

Degrees/Certificates Offered

Associate’s Degrees

ESL Program and Support Services

Students may submit scores from Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). TOEFL or IELTS scores will determine your eligibility for the I-20 in the English Language Training Program or for your designated field of study. Please include the official score with your application. The test must have been taken within two years of the application date. You still may be required to take Mercer’s placement test upon your arrival at the college.

NOTE: F-1 international students are only eligible for the CREDIT English Language Training program at Mercer County Community College.

Student Housing Options

Housing: MCCC does not offer on-campus housing, however, we have an agreement with Rider University for On-Campus housing for F-1 international students.

As a resident student at Rider University, You’ll Enjoy:

  • Reduced room and board
  • Rider will offer you a significant housing grant toward your room and board. A shared room and weekly 21-meal plan is available at the reduced cost of $5,855 per semester.
  • Full access to campus resources
  • Your Rider ID will give you access to the campus library, gym, athletic center, pool, food venues, campus events and other opportunities.
  • Future reduced tuition and housing rates
  • If you decide to continue your bachelor’s degree at Rider after earning your associate degree at Mercer, Rider will offer you a guaranteed 40% tuition discount over its regular tuition rate.
  • Additionally, you will continue to receive a $2,000 housing grant toward your room and board

Benefits of living on campus at Rider University:

  • You will instantly become part of a welcoming college community: You’ll love living and interacting with students on Rider’s Lawrenceville Campus, where you’ll make connections and form friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Your life will have less stress: Campus living at Rider eliminates the demands and responsibilities of renting an apartment. You won’t need to shop, cook your meals every day, or worry about paying your monthly bills for electricity, gas and rent.
  • You will have access to the resources of a major university: As a campus resident, you can take full advantage of Rider’s library, study areas, exercise and sports facilities, and dining halls. You will be encouraged to participate in Rider’s 150 student clubs and organizations, intramural sports, and on-campus events – from concerts, musicals and plays to art shows and guest lectures by leading business executives, artists, authors, politicians and educators.

Commuting to Mercer is easy:
Rider is just 12.8 km (8 miles) from Mercer County Community College. A free shuttle bus makes travel between the two campuses convenient and easy.

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Admission Requirements

STEP 1: Complete and submit the MCCC Admissions Application (
Once you submit this online application, you will be assigned a Student ID number. Please use this Student ID number in all of your communications with the college. You must proceed to Step 2 after submitting your MCCC Online Admissions Application.

STEP 2: Email for a copy of I-20 application booklet or download from our website ( Complete all of the application forms in the I-20 application booklet. Much of the documentation in this I-20 application booklet requires signatures and stamps, so please follow the instructions carefully to complete and provide all necessary information required.

STEP 3: E-mail the completed I-20 application booklet and all supporting materials to or mail to:

Mercer County Community College
International Student Services
1200 Old Trenton Road
West Windsor, NJ 08550

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Cost of Attendance 2021-2022

International students and their family or sponsors must assume all responsibility for student expenses. The following estimated costs are based on 12 credits per semester. The college reserves the right to change tuition or fees at any time by action of the Board of Trustees.

Tuition and Fees: $9,000
Room and Board: $8,600
Books, Transportation, Personal, etc..: $5,000
Total: $22,600

(Additional Expenses for Dependents – per dependent for each year of study at MCCC: $6,000)

Student Activities and Campus Life

An important part of college life is the personal enrichment students gain outside the classroom through student activities. Getting involved in campus activities gives students many educational experiences, leadership opportunities and the chance to interact with other students and faculty/staff members in an informal setting.

Organizations serve all members of the campus community. More than 40 clubs offer students the opportunity to explore special interests. Many of these clubs are directly affiliated with fields of study and augment classroom experiences.
In addition, art exhibits, dance productions, dramatic presentations, musical productions, and performances by guest artists are sponsored throughout the year. Music organizations include the college chorus, jazz band, symphonic band, dance ensemble, and stage band. The Community Band is open to all residents who are experienced instrumentalists.

Student Life and Leadership staff members assist students with all aspects of planning and implementing programs. Clubs and organizations operate in conjunction with the Student Life and Leadership office and a club advisor.

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